Are you living or merely existing?

…okay so that sounded more of an attack than a question, but really I have to ask. Are you living or merely existing? So many of us go through life day by day doing what has to be done, I mean what other option do we have, right? We go to school because we have to, we get back, do what has to be done, go through that phase of life which we all hate and can’t wait to get through, forgetting the fact that its timeframe is at least limited and at some point we start working, and this becomes our everyday life (sadly enough, the phase we couldn’t wait to start is quite permanent and there are no variety of options). Now this is it, the life we are leading, work, home, a few moments of relaxation, and then it starts all over again, days pass by, weeks turn into months, years and then decades. We look back at our lives and realize though it never felt like anything changed day after day, yet everything has changed, from one birthday to the other and we forget to notice the shift in age range, we all remember when we were 10 like it was yesterday, we look in the mirror and realize we aren’t 10 anymore but sooo much older and because of this, life becomes a responsibility and we do what it takes to go by, what it takes to survive and along the line, we stop living, along the line, we stop noticing, along the line we stop caring.
I once read somewhere that so many people die at 25 and only get buried from 75 upwards. What does this mean you may ask, it only means, 25 is when it hits you that you are running out of time, when you realize you can’t be indulged anymore and at this point you just want to do all it takes to find your footing.
It’s okay to have a plan, it’s okay to have dreams, it’s okay to be ambitious, it’s very much allowed to want to survive. Want to know what’s not okay? Just being fine and not happy, just surviving and not thriving, merely existing and not living.
I’m not saying I know it all or that I’m even living, neither am I saying it’s wrong to do what has to be done, all I’m saying is take the time out to enjoy the little things in life that matter, take time out to breathe, to dance, to laugh, to enjoy your family and friends, to discover your true self, take that vacation you’ve been saving for, call your parents and talk for hours, see a movie, read a book, as a matter of fact, sleep! I just need you to look in the mirror, say to yourself, darling, life will fix itself, you will figure this out, you just take it one day at a time!
And whenever life wants to bring you down, tell yourself, NOT TODAY!


17 thoughts on “Are you living or merely existing?

  1. Siss i’ve been feeling like this since i turned 21, like before you know it you’re 40 yearss old. So scary
    Currently trying to just go with the flow while enjoying the littlest things.

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    1. IKR… It just so scary and before you know it you are old and forgot to live.. I just hope When i am 60 and i look back i will be able to thank God and say “I enjoyed life”

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  2. So many things hit me hard! ‘Take the time out to enjoy the little things in life”, “when life wants to bring you down, tell life NOT TODAY” and my personal best – “So many people die at 25 and get buried at 75!!!” 🙌🏽🙌🏽
    THANK YOU SUSU ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  3. You hit the nail on the head👏🏾. It’s so easy to get carried away by ‘what’s next’ and forget we just passed an hurdle we were scared of . I’m learning to leave everyday as it comes and do things that genuinely make me happy . Cheers to living and not just existing 🥂

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  4. Nice one,su
    just that many people don’t wanna live like that….too me,am living and merely existing😃.
    Am living,I know am living.Am alive among family and friends but am merely existing because the world as not realise all the good things about me..#wanttobesuccessful#

    keep it rolling.


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