The gift called “Thank You”

Hey people, it’s S again and I decided to talk about the simplest two words yet one of the deepest; THANK YOU.
You might ask what does saying thank you have to do with anything and asides it’s really not a big deal, after all it’s just thank you. But I will say it has a lot to do with everything and it is a very big deal. We go around doing things for one another, sometimes random, sometimes huge, and it is expected of people to appreciate these actions, so many people do say thank you, some by saying it and others by their actions, but we only tend to deeply appreciate and thank people when their actions are not expected or when we feel like they do not owe it to us, the moment we feel like it is our right to get certain actions and reaction from people, we do not go out of our way to appreciate it, yet these actions we believe are compulsory because we deserve them are the most uncomfortable and sacrificial but we don’t see them because they are EXPECTED and once you start to expect some actions from people, you stop to appreciate them, it becomes a norm and saying thank you becomes a privilege you deem unnecessary. These things are not automatic, Love is not automatic, sacrifices are not automatic, attention is not automatic, caring is not automatic, listening is not automatic, tending is definitely not automatic.
Don’t wait till people leave before you appreciate them, stop waiting for birthdays before you let them know what they mean to you, it’s okay to let people know how you feel today, do not love in reminiscence when reality could have been so beautiful.
Now ask yourself, what if? What if they do not do those things you see as your right? What if they deprive you of those things even when you deserve them? What if they choose to play blind to these “rights” and absolutely ignore you? Just what if?
So they don’t… they go out of their way to act right, to do what should be done, to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. How about you also go out of your own way to say the simplest two words that will take absolutely nothing away from you…how about you say Thank You?

BTW… Thank you for taking out of your time to read my blog *wink*

14 thoughts on “The gift called “Thank You”

  1. So true !i remember always being told by my sister to use the 3 magic words . PLEASE, SORRY and THANK YOU. I always wondered why she called them the magic words but now I get it . They make alot of difference . THANK YOU S for this amazing blog that inspires me more than you know ❤️

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