Single On The 14th?

Hey People, Happy Valentine’s Day! I really do hope you all get to spend the day with those you just don’t love but love you so much more in return. And to my beautiful ladies and wonderful gentle men that are yet to find that special person, remember there’s someone out there for everyone, there’s definitely someone out there for you, the person that just gets you effortlessly, your own person! You might look within and take a deep breath realizing how far you’ve come and everything you’ve been through to find love; blind dates, matchmaking, putting on that inviting smile, praying and fasting, taking advice from people in relationships, reading online about how to find love and “shooting your shot” in general, it gets EXHAUSTING and day after day you meet different people and hope they are the one, see an unknown number calling and hope it’s some mystery person, simply going out and hoping that day would be your lucky day, yet, for the hundredth time they are not the one, the unknown number is some “aboki” wrong number and many times you return home with no new “catch” but guess what, maybe you have no special “one” to celebrate this valentines with, maybe you are still as single as you were the previous one or even more, but how about all the special “ones” you get to celebrate with, you look around and you have your family, your friends, colleagues, random people that just make you laugh out loud, you look within and you are fine, you realize you are lucky enough to still have something to look forward to, the anticipation, the suspense, that spark about something new, something fresh and the best part? You can always simply say, O God, For I have waited so long, please bless me with the best.
And as Maya Angelou said, “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time”
Who knows, your next might just be it! And if not, TRY AGAIN!!
So ladies and gentlemen, go to school or work, eat cake or chocolate, watch movies or series, whatever you do…. DO NOT SULK!
Our time is coming *wink*

11 thoughts on “Single On The 14th?

  1. “The Person that just gets you effortlessly, your own person!”. …hmmm. I read so much meaning into that. Thank you so much Susu. Much love from here

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  2. We shouldn’t let anything or anyone make us feel inadequate or incomplete…….. ,dont look for anybody to complete you today or at any time you are complete on your own!

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