Does Love Exist Beyond Family?

….“He was already looking at their relationship through the lens of the past tense. It puzzled her, the ability of romantic love to mutate, how quickly a loved one could become a stranger. Where did the love go? Perhaps real love was familial, somehow linked to blood, since love for children did not die as romantic love did”….Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
To the ones that will cry with you even before knowing what broke you down, and laugh by your side till their stomach walls hurt…. sisters!
The ones that will break down the greatest walls on earth for you and always go that little extra mile….brothers.
And to the two people that will never stop worrying about you, no matter what height you reach….parents.
Confused? Don’t be, so today we’ll be addressing the very topic everyone thinks they know a lot about yet know so little or nothing of, LOVE.
Yes everyone must have at some point fallen in love or at least in what they thought was love, yet some people have concluded love is not even a thing and they don’t exactly believe in it… well till they fall flat on their faces in what feels like it.
What exactly is love, some say it’s a strong attraction to a particular person, to some, it’s a feeling of constant affection for a person, and the list goes on. The truth is, love doesn’t exactly have a definition, and sometimes you can’t even tell if what you feel is love in it’s true sense, today you are in love, tomorrow your heart breaks, heals and moves on, and guess what, the next person makes you feel even deeper in love and you can’t give it a particular explanation, then you find yourself saying things like it’s deeper this time, it’s some sort of adoration, “I can’t explain it”, Yeah right! So here’s my question, is it that the feeling you had for the other person wasn’t love? Or it really just gets deeper depending on the person. I can’t answer my own question people, so I’ll leave it to you. But remember, love doesn’t get deeper, love is love, it’s either you never loved the person or you only thought you did; there is no half love or 80% love. Love is love…”perhaps real love is familial, somehow linked to blood, since love for children did not die as romantic love did”
PS; I’m still very much a hopeless romantic *wink*


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