Hey people, it’s me again and today I’d like to talk about something a little bit more delicate and important, though some way or the other we all already know and just feel like there’s nothing we can do about it.
As a lady, my girls and I know what “girl code” is and it’s something you just don’t breach! And we hear guys out there going on about their own “bro code” and there are several other codes. My question is, what happened to the most important of these codes, THE HUMAN CODE?
We live in such a confusing world filled with self absorbed, self centered people, who choose to forget the fact that none of us will ever know what genuine happiness is until someone looks up to us with gratitude and say God bless you.
Fine, things can be hard, yes we probably haven’t sorted out our own personal lives, okay so even you have a lot on your plate and it’s allowed, but there are so many little ways of making lives less traumatic for people around you, you don’t have to think of millions before you help out, not even thousands, do you know you can pay someone a compliment and make their day, give someone a call, check on an old friend, send a friendly message to someone hustling, let them know someone actually cares, their efforts are being noticed and it’s not all going in vain. For those who find monetary assistance easy, it is excellent but the human code is not all about money, stand up for someone, smile at a stranger, read to children. The world is LARGE!!! I know, but not beyond what we can all handle. I once watched a movie that taught me that you can choose to help at least three people, however way you can, all you have to do is implore these three people to each help three other people and tell them to do the same. It goes a long way! Way beyond our imagination.
Stop ignoring when a fellow human is in trouble and you can help, let’s stop making videos when people are clearly in need, let’s stop pointing fingers because people are sinning differently from us, let’s stop judging because we have no idea what it feels like to wear their shoes, let’s stop looking away from peoples trouble because it’s not close to what we’ve been through, let’s stop saving our care for only family and people we know, we have to stop turning a blind eye because it doesn’t affect us, even those who are affected today never saw it coming, we all just never think it could be us! It’s about time we snapped out of whatever it is and embrace actual humanity. Maybe it won’t stop the killings in Syria and Afghanistan, but maybe, just maybe it’d create a new atmosphere that might stop the acceptance of violence as “THE NEW NORM”
Now I don’t mean to sound all cliché and what not, but it really does start with you and I. And as Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”



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