Live And Let Live!

Hey people, so I always wanted to write about living and letting others do the same (live and let live) but a part of me always felt it was quite sensitive and “table shaking”…Lol
Anyway, I guess someone has to say it, soooo… here goes nothing 🤷🏼‍♀️
…If only treating other people the way you wanted God to treat you was a secret rule to life, ask yourself, how well have you done?
As a graduate of International Relations, I learnt that in as much as no state can stand alone as an island because they need one another to survive, they still very much focus solely on themselves and “survival of the fittest” is the only rule known to the game. The same thing goes for we as humans, some way or the other we always choose ourselves first, no matter how selfless we might think we are or how free spirited, and this is okay, one of the first instincts of being human is survival, so we do whatever it takes to live by, this too, is very much allowed, after all if you don’t look out for yourself, who will? This is living, but how about we let others do the very same?
We live in a world where the moment someone’s light is shining brighter than normal, we immediately get uncomfortable and see them undeserving of such and do whatever it takes to dim this brightness, the second their laughter is louder, we believe they are mocking us, and the minute their strides are longer, we conclude they are pursuing us, then we make it our sole purpose to convince ourselves we deserve it more, choosing to forget that no matter how bright or dim their light is, it will never affect the status of ours, no matter how loud or silent their laughter, our joy does not depend on it and no matter how long or short their strides, we can still walk or fly in our own lane, though a common saying, but my sister would say, “the sky is way too wide for every bird to fly without crossing paths or having their wings touch”.
The moment we realize the biggest secret to success is to wish others well, we will stop shooting them down and focus on our own path. Hate is too big a burden, jealousy, too deep a feeling and envy, too unnecessary a way of life.
Being human, we want the best for ourselves, but there are so many “bests” the world has to offer, even siblings can choose the same path, yet soar differently, remember, no one’s light ever went out by helping others shine, the very least you can do is cheer or simply wish people well. A sincere congratulatory message could go a long way, a genuine “keep fighting” note could strengthen a hustler and a simple prayer for the next person could save your own soul.
A light that learns to shine by dimming others’ will never shine for too long, such don’t only get dimmed, they get blown out with every force.
Shine and let shine
Soar and let soar
Live and let live.


9 thoughts on “Live And Let Live!

  1. “Live and let’s live” . It’s just so disheartening that a lot of people can’t stick to this rule of life. I always wonder where some people are rushing to. We keep running when no one is chasing us. We want somethings becos someone close to us has it. Have we asked ourselves if it’s inline with our destiny? Do we even know the pains, sacrifices the person has gone through before getting it? If roles were to be switched, can we be patient enough to go through such pains or sacrifices? This life is easy but too deep to be understood. Jealousy, envy, greed and hatred have caused too much problems in this life. If we can find solutions to these 4 vices, then we can Live and others will live as well.

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  2. IS there a ‘like or love button here’ 😩😩🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😩🙌🏾😩😩😩. This is so apt!!!!!!! We can all shine and be happy for each other !!!! Such a beautiful Piece ❤️

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  3. Live and let live. This is a very deep topic and if you allow me I can write a book on it. Like one of the sisters said life is very simple, but hard to understand. To define the subject of this conversation, I learned that to prosper and be successful in life, to live and let live, you have to be able to see beyond jealousy, envy, greed and hatred. You have to be able to not allow these words to consume you. You as an individual, have to be positive at all time. Being positive 24/7 Is something very hard to do, but it is doable. With the help of a few books that I am going thru. LIFE teaches us lessons that we are not expecting, and it is for us to be able to receive those lessons in a positive manner and use them as a real learning curve.
    Thank you for the platform. Ur humble brother on earth.

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  4. uhnmm, nice.
    Am not really sure but I guess it is somehow late “happy birthday to you,wishing you long life and prosperity ,inshallahu.


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