You Can Be More Than Married

Hey people, it’s me again, and today I’d like to address a topic not everyone would totally agree with but then, it is what it is….
Being African, there are a few basic things that are expected of us, some we have no choice but to concur, others we tell ourselves are the only options.
One of these being what should be done at each age bracket and where one should be at every certain phase of life, how to think, what to think and how far our thinking should go, we are expected to go through the early stages of life getting educated, right from the primary stage to the tertiary, after which you are expected to get a few years of work experience, then settle down and get married, women are expected to focus on their “ticking clock” right from ages 23/24 and men once they’ve earned “enough” and their parents need a grandchild. Yes this is beautiful, yes marriage is a wonderful union between two families and it definitely goes a long way in helping procreation which is one of God’s personal ministries, and I sincerely hope at some point or the other, may we all find that one person we’d love to spend the rest of our lives with. What’s not so beautiful or even impressive if you ask me, is telling ourselves that’s all there is to life, believing our biggest achievement as human beings is getting married and that’s where it should end.
No! You were created to be so much more than married, you were born to go beyond being someone’s parent, you were not given a chance at life just to be somebody’s. Take a look at yourself and ask, who are you without your wedding band, who are you after your children stop being so dependent, who are you beyond the four walls of your marriage, are you a pace setter or a norm regulator, a defiance to what’s expected or everyone’s favorite, a “thinker” or an “it’s okay”, an earth shaker or a comfort zone advocate. In a few years, what would you like to be known for, known with and known by, if your answers don’t exactly excite or even scare you, maybe it’s about time you re-evaluated and choose to be more rather than okay. Okay is not okay, okay gets no one anywhere, all it does is make you exactly what it is….Okay
If your heroes can, you can
If your mentors can, you can
If anyone can, you can
You were created to be more than just married
You were born to be more than someone’s parent
You were given a chance at life to be more than merely somebody’s
Incase no one ever told you, you can be more….You Can Be More!

3 thoughts on “You Can Be More Than Married

  1. Nice piece, have you ever thought about making this more reachable to people? Perhaps compiling your write ups into a book?

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