Dear Ms Meghan Markle

Dear Ms Meghan Markle, though it is very much awkward addressing you this way because I’ve always known and referred to you as Rachel Zane.
First of, I’d like to congratulate you on your wedding, I wouldn’t say congratulations on your marriage to Prince Harry, because if anyone is to be congratulated for being with the other, it should be the prince himself, for he’s one lucky gentle man for the gift of winning your heart.
When I first heard of the royal engagement, my immediate reaction was that of elation, I was so excited one would think I knew you beyond suits. But as all reality set it, it occurred to me everything you’d be letting go of. The heartbreak started when I realized you couldn’t feature in Suits anymore and the final shot was when you shut down all your social media accounts, it got to me much more than it should have, as it felt like you took away the very final piece of whom you really are…or were.
Please kindly do not get me wrong, it feels beautiful and absolutely blissful to be loved by a man no one thought was capable of loving and settling and everything that’s been going on really does feel like a fairytale, as a matter of fact I think it is, but why do I feel like no one can ever really be totally happy if love has to cost them their entire life? And why am I scared the reality of love not being enough might come to play?
Why can’t I be as excited as I was before everything fully occurred to me!
I’m a big advocate of happiness and I want to be genuinely happy for you, but I just hope you are happy too, and this is not all because you didn’t even realize all it would cost you before you got into it.
I wish and pray I’m wrong
I wish you everything amazing life and love has to offer
I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.
Congratulations Darling Mrs Meghan Markle

Faruq Suaad💖

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