Love Yourself…Know Your Worth

Hey beautiful people, so as we all know I don’t exactly have a particular field of topics streamlined. I like to touch whatever it is we can all relate to and hopefully learn from, but today I hope we will not just relate and learn but accept and believe…
This one’s for YOU💋
There are over a billion people in the world, over a hundred and fifty million in Nigeria alone, so many faces, characters and personality, tons of religion, diversity in culture and many tongues speaking different languages that all result in the same meaning. My point? The world is large!
But as large as it is, want to know what stands out? What’s different, what has no replica? You!
It’s a beautiful time to be alive, an amazing moment in the history of the universe to be in existence and a purely opportune season to be yourself…but how can you be yourself when you don’t even know yourself, how possible is it for you to choose yourself when you don’t know your worth, of what point is being if you don’t love yourself. You are different, you are beautiful, you are an extraordinary being, you are amazing, and you can be whoever and whatever you choose to be. All it takes is for you to know this, accept it and acknowledge it, know you are different, seize the opportunity of knowing no one else can be you, you fought millions of spermatozoa to make it here. And for what? To let others ride over you? To accept whatever terms they place on your life like it’s theirs? To settle for less than you know you deserve because of what they dictate? Of what use is anyone who doesn’t see you as what you can be but merely as what you are.
Of what use is anyone who wouldn’t only love you the wrong way but convince you it’s the only way you can be loved.
Of what use is anyone who concludes they are only doing you a favour by being around you and “tolerating” you.
You need to love yourself enough to show people how to do it right
If you don’t choose to stand for yourself and know what to take, the world is ready to treat you as less, after all, if you think you don’t deserve more, why should they?
Take a good look at yourself and say, I am beautiful, I am more than people see, I am everything I choose to be and more, I am extraordinary, I am different, uniquely carved by a master artist, I am who no one else can be, I am ME
I will not be stopped, I will not be pushed, I will not be moved, I refuse to be broken…For I have chosen to know my worth. I choose to love myself, I choose ME.



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