Ever wondered why men grow up being “boys” forever? Why they expect to find a “mother” in their wives and transfer that same “privilege” right into their daughters once they come of age? Why brothers automatically expect you as a sister to tend to them irrespective of age? Why the world expects you to swallow things up and fix your man rather than put out a complaint?

We live in a world where women have been so brainwashed into believing having a son is the best thing that could ever happen to a mother and this “honour” is so overwhelming that they never want a passing fly to perch on their wonderful gift from God called a son. And because of this, he is automatically more valuable than his sisters, too cute to be comprehended and too adorable he could never do anything wrong, as a matter of fact, every wrong he does is just a silly mistake you should laugh at and overlook, no one dares say a word to mummy dearest’s adorable babyboy and daddy sunshine’s glaring mirror, and all of a sudden he’s 10, and as my mum says, whatever you’d like to mould your children into, it has to be done before the age of 10, after this, you can only try…well goodluck to you. 

Now mummy dearest’s adorable babyboy can not understand why he has to lift a finger for anything, daddy sunshine’s  glaring mirror is used to everyone but him doing what has to be done and it would only take the sky to fall for him to be convinced he has to fend for himself, after all the world has been moved for 10 years to get him whatever he wants, why should anything change now.

To make things worse, we live in a society where it’s okay for men to have their way, and totally ridiculous for a woman to even think of taking a day off.

Dear Parents, Your work can never be over emphasized, you are amazing, and the world will never be able to appreciate you enough and no one can take that away from you. BUT!  please kindly stop indulging your sons in the name of loving them, as Michelle Obama said “We love our boys, and we raise our girls”

You love them till you can’t fix them and then shove them off to get married and hope an innocent woman will do your job for you.

I think It’s about time both sons and daughters were raised equally, don’t bring up a child to become a liability to the society, the world is going through enough as it is!


7 thoughts on “RAISE YOUR SONS!

  1. Nice piece Aunty Susu… Well said but I think it will remain like that in most families cause the son will be the one to carry the family name forever like our parents will always say 😂 But at the end we will get it straight maa


    1. Dear sir, I really don’t think the family name has anything to do with the proper way a man should be raised, if anything he should be raised in a way that he’ll uphold that name and not ruin it. May we all get it straight in time. Thank you☺️


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