Basic Human Decency

Being human, there are basic courtesy that are expected of us. Yet, for some reason, we find them missing in people we come across or even catch ourselves missing them.

Here are a few of these basic courtesy I hope we can learn from.

  1. When you see someone sleeping, this isn’t a challenge on the different kind of noises you can make. You should tiptoe around them and avoid waking them.
  2. When you see someone using their phone, this is not an invitation to enjoy their screen and whatever is going on there. Look away
  3. When you see someone crying, don’t look at them like they are weird, ask if they are okay, help if you can. If you can’t, don’t make things worse for them. (You can revert to my post on Tips on consoling people)
  4. When someone lends you money, keep the same enthusiasm as you did when asking, return the money on or before the date you promised and if by any chance you really can’t help it, explain this to them, DO NOT avoid them and make them feel stupid.
  5. If it’s not your news/secret, DO NOT share it!
  6. If you did not create it, DO NOT judge it.
  7. Say hello, smile, breathe.
  8. When you exit a room ahead of someone, hold the door for the next person.
  9. When you are paid a compliment, don’t say “yes I know”. Simply smile and say thank you.
  10. When someone shares a problem, don’t compete with them on whose issues are bigger, listen and be there for them.
  11. It’s okay that technology has brought us closer to one another, but please! DO NOT video call someone without prior notice (unless Ofcourse you are family or have that sort of relationship)
  12. When you go visit someone, please kindly leave after the fourth hour, you’ve caught up enough.

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