FF0FA6C8-AE14-4CC6-9A20-AC65835D1E86Bullying is one topic that always triggers something in me, I’m not exactly sure why, as I wasn’t bullied as a kid, but then if we all wait to get triggered by things we only went through, what will then be the point of humanity?

In most cases when we talk about bullying, we immediately think of primary and high school, but the truth is anyone can be bullied, in school, at work, homes, even places of worship.

The moment you look down and act against an inferior person, whether in height, weight, status or anyone that’s defenseless, you have bullied the person, you have given them a reason to hate the position they are, thereby hating themselves, you have given one of God’s creation a reason to question Him, and He never forgets.

One of the worse atrocities you can commit against Him is to make your fellow human look up to Him in question, asking why some get to be super while others are defenseless, why some get to have and others don’t and why some get to bully while others fret for their lives.

As for children and high school students who are being bullied, more than half of students lives are spent at school, imagine being scared to walk into a place you spend more than half of your teenage life, and in most cases, it’s both physical and psychological.

No one deserves that kind of trauma, no one. If there’s anyone you know that’s being bullied, make a report, call out the bully.

If you are being bullied, seek help, know no-one is superior to you, fight for yourself if no one else would, you don’t deserve to be picked on.

If you have a friend that bullies others and you keep mum, remember Leonardo Da Vinci said “He who does not oppose evil, commands it to be done”.

And if you are the bully! If your peace of mind comes from harming others, if your happiness comes from putting them down, if you feel better by making others feel worse, I have some news for you, someday soon, you will harm the one whose cries has direct access to God’s ears and from that instance,  you’d have lost all your chances to do better, and will only then get the reward that comes to those who spend all their nights and days wondering how and when they went wrong with God.

No one deserves to go to bed wondering what the point of waking up the next day is.

Do better!

3 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. Thank you so much! You don’t know how much I appreciate this post and it resonates with me more than you know. I was severely bullied from grade 6 until I finally switched schools during my senior year. It got so bad that I attempted suicide at the age of 14 and almost didn’t make it. It’s funny you mentioned the part about causing people to question God because that’s exactly what I did. I questioned God many times- even got furious with Him. I wanted to know why this was happening to me and why they always got away with it while I got the blame. And when He didn’t answer, I cursed Him and stopped talking to Him. I stopped believing that He would ever make things better for me and had nothing to do with Him for a long time.

    But I’m making it back to Him slowly and have more faith in Him than I used to. And I thank Him that I survived the suicide attempt!

    The good news is that I eventually got my life back. I worked on myself, repaired my self-esteem, regained confidence and have moved on to a happy and drama-free life of love and acceptance. I now use what I went through to help those who are bullied today and it has become my mission and life’s work. I want those who are bullied to know that they’re not alone. I also want them to know that they have value and they are worthy of love and friendship, no matter how others may behave. Thank you so much for this post. You’re helping so many people who are hurting. Bless you!

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