Dear Young Adults

452E153E-6CB3-4384-8D44-97553E555409A beautiful young lady asked me to write something to those like her who recently graduated secondary school and are going into the next phase of their lives.
Here it is…
Dear young adults, first of, I’d like to wish you a very hearty congratulations on your accomplishments thus far, you should be beyond proud of yourselves, and in case no one told you, it’s not automatic to be where you are right now and your efforts are very much appreciated… THANK YOU
Now you are here, many of you knowing exactly what you want to do next, some of you being caught in between different options and a few of you not having an idea what’s next.
All these are very much okay, we’ve all been there, the rush, excitement, confusion, numbness, blankness, anxiety and all the way back to excitement all over again… Yes! I’ve been there, again…now you are here.
Are you totally sure what you want to do next? Are you caught in between different options? You have no idea what or where to go next? That’s totally fine, whatever it is, make sure you are doing it for yourself, your present self, your future self; the one who will have to face the result of whatever decision you make now, choose the path you’ll look back at in 10years and wink at your younger self with all the pride that’s humanly possible, choose the path you’ll be proud to scream to the world about,the path you need no one else to convince you is the right one, the path even you know is the right one.
If there’s even one ounce of doubt in you it might not be okay, how about you have a rethink?
It’s okay to be confused, no one has it all figured out, not even those you look greatly up to, let me tell you something no one ever really told me.
Growing up is not fun, growing up is not the best thing that will ever happen to you, it’s not all you should look forward to and definitely leaving your parents house will not give you all the freedom you need, it’ll only expose you to a world where you have no idea where you stand and no one to give you a second to catch your breathe!

Adulthood is not all you should hope to attain, no one really knows what they are doing, we are all really just winging it and hoping nothing comes crashing down.

So my darlings, catch a breathe, take a second, feel the moment, enjoy your youthfulness, embrace your life and take your time. Take It Easy!

Someone once said “You only have a few years to be young and the rest of your life to be old”

So why rush what you have to do for the rest of your life?

And if you ever have to make a decision or choose between right or wrong, which from now on you will have to, A LOT!

Ask yourself, what’s the worse that could happen, if this worse is more than you want to handle… I guess you have your answer.


Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your lives🎉

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