Forgive Your Parents

F0E5E617-BFD0-4631-B95D-3A23AE41BEADThere are times we do things we are not very proud of, yet certain people like our parents  do these same things because they are as human as we are and we roll our eyes at them for we expect them to be nothing short of perfect.

These are people who were once just like us and honestly not so much has changed, only the fact that they gave us life, they weren’t offered the rules, no one told them what to expect, nothing prepared them for being in charge of another’s life and you refused to come with a manual. And they, taking each day as it came, hoped they were doing the right thing by you, not sure if they were raising or ruining you, they hoped you would turn out better than they did, they hoped they’d do better than their own parents, they hoped they’d not be as tough; in this they panicked they were spoiling you. They hoped they’d be more firm with you; in this they lost the balance.

Not sure when they are doing too much, not knowing if they are doing too little, and nothing assured them they are doing enough.

They make mistakes and hope you wouldn’t realize, for they hope you’ll always see them as heroes you thought they were, so you can always run to them to save you.

The givers of life are not gods, they are not immortal, they are not heroes, they are merely an older version of you that’d roar at the universe if it dared make a joke of your pure heart. Knowing their roar will do nothing in the face of terror, yet give it the loudest try anyway, for they wish nothing will ever touch you and they can always receive the terror for you.

Forgive them, you did not come with a manual

Forgive them, they have no idea what they are doing

Forgive them, they are as human as you are

Forgive them, as they did come to forgive theirs

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