He’s a Man, But He’s Human

Hey people it’s me again and today I’d like to talk about the silent heroes in our lives… they are called men.
The ones everyone expect to always stay strong, the ones everyone expect to always fix it, to always have an answer, to always do something, the ones who have no choice but to have a choice…MEN
Someone once asked me if I could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be, I thought to myself and right before I said Beyoncé (yes I know it’s cliche) I realized my answer would be my dad, the person didn’t understand why but I do, I’d like to switch lives with him just so I know where he might be hurting and what he might need, so I can at least try to be there for him in ways that truly count.
Everyone hurts and everyone has needs but our society has forbidden our men the right to show where it hurts and the privilege to say their true needs.
I was watching a movie and an expectant father lost his child, guess what? He couldn’t take a second to grieve because the moment he found out, he had to be there for his wife…my question is, what about him?
Dear Men, I hope you see this and tell yourselves it’s okay to have feelings too, it’s okay to be tired, It’s okay to be in love and stick to one person, it’s okay to take a breath and it’s definitely okay to have emotions and express them.
It’s okay to be like everyone else, you are very much allowed to realize even heroes take a break, you can too.
You don’t have to hold everything in and watch your wall come crashing down.
You don’t have to form “bad man” when all you want is very simple.
You don’t have to succumb to what others think of you.
Are you hurting? Speak Up
Do you have needs? Ask
Feeling some type of way? Express yourself
Yes, You are a man… but first, you are HUMAN!

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