How Much Do You Love Yourself

178F81AB-27F8-4EDF-B71C-1F0D4572E9A9When I was much younger, often times I was asked at what age would I like to get married, I didn’t have to think, I’d confidently say 23.⁣⁣
Well… I’ll be turning 24 in a few weeks and what do I have to say…⁣⁣
Am I sad I wasn’t able to “achieve” this?⁣⁣ No.⁣⁣
Do I feel incomplete that I still haven’t found “the one”? ⁣⁣
Am I scared finding the one might take longer than I thought it would ⁣⁣
Still No.⁣⁣
I’m not a hypocrite, I’m not here to tell you I don’t care about finding the one.⁣⁣
Being a hopeless romantic, I do care about finding him, but along my journey to doing this, I realized that for someone who always says “I loveeee myself” which I really do, the mystery is why was I okay with average for so long, “oh I met this guy, we flow and he’s really okay and I can see myself liking him” ⁣⁣
And for a very long time, this was okay for me; convenient love, calculated love, sane love.⁣⁣
How do you love yourself so much, yet settle for average, settle for those who wouldn’t go to the ends of the world with and for you, settle for someone you are not certain will be there when life comes to play.⁣⁣
So, I decided, the kind of love that would stay, the one I deserve, the one I can scream to the world that yes I love myself so much I chose to dig deeper and deeper until I found someone that came head to head with my love for myself.⁣⁣
That love, which even if I went to the 9 planets, 7 continents, 200 countries and every state that speaks a different language, he’d still be the one, no questions asked, no cold feet, no nausea or nervousness, he’s the one. ⁣⁣
I decided I’ll find that, so when next I say I love myself, I wouldn’t have to question it, it’d be the simple truth and I’d have my defiance against settling to prove it.⁣⁣

So, my dear single ladies, how much do you love yourself?

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