Let Them Breathe

That lady who has been married for a while and has no kid is suffering from Endometriosis.⁣

The fat guy you see eating instead of exercising is depressed and finds solace in food.⁣

The skinny teen you roll your eyes at and wonder why she’s starving herself is anorexic.⁣

The kid that’s failing in class is doing all the very best he can but it’s just so difficult and impossible. ⁣

The woman you called a failure for leaving her marriage could and would have died if she hadn’t. ⁣

The celebrities you expect to be perfect role models and should never go wrong are as human as you are.⁣

The man you are sure doesn’t deserve what he gets because he’s privileged, broke every bone in his body to get where he is.⁣

⁣…To you who lives everyday automatically judging others, convinced and believing you know them so well so you can raise a brow to question how and why they live their lives the way they do.⁣

You don’t even have to choose to judge before your whole demeanor is doing so, it is in you, you see someone and you automatically roll your eyes, you hear about them and you question why, you don’t hear about them and you wonder what’s the big deal she’s hiding, what’s he cooking up, and you tell yourself you couldn’t care less but you do care, and your whole being is aching to know what’s going on, not because you are concerned, you just want to know so you can convince yourself it’s not even all that. ⁣

⁣I’m not attacking you, we all catch ourselves subconsciously doing it sometimes, but the next time you do, that eye you take up to roll, circle it right back to it’s rightful position and say to yourself… Let her breathe… Let him breathe… Let Them Breathe!⁣

The world will be a better place if we all drink water and mind the business that pays us.⁣

Enjoy the rest of your day.⁣

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