Let’s talk About Communication

Hey beautiful people, long time no “see”… lool ⁣
So today I’d like to address how important communication is in any relationship; be it friendship, family, partnerships or whatever kind of relationship you might find yourself in or even any situation.⁣

One of the best things you can do for yourself is speaking up, expressing yourself, it saves us a whole lot of Mary go round and keeping things in will only lead to irritation and eventually hatred that’ll get no one anywhere.⁣

A while ago I wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t tell my best friend and I was just silently mad that she wasn’t a witch and didn’t know…guess what? We ended up talking the next day and realized she wasn’t feeling well either and we both just didn’t say anything… Firstly, it was ridiculous of me to expect her to read through my replies and figure out I’m sick, secondly, if we had not eventually said something, we’d both keep it to each other how we actually felt and be wrong about the whole situation.⁣

Many times we are so certain of our side of the story, meanwhile it’s not at all what we are sure it is, many misunderstandings wouldn’t have escalated if the parties involved had just said something and chosen to understand each other, how does someone stop doing what you feel is wrong if you don’t tell them you feel wronged by their actions?⁣
Why do we always expect people to figure out what’s wrong with us when it could be a million and one things?⁣

I get that it’s sometimes hard to put your emotions into words and even harder when the person you are communicating with is just not getting it… still, let’s all make that effort, let’s all cautiously remind ourselves people are not witches and wizards, neither are they mind readers… how about we respect our relationships enough to take the easy way out and say something.⁣

PS, let’s not forget listening is an essential part of communication🌹

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