Never Forget

I’ve heard it’s easy to mock a pain you’ve never been through, how then do you explain a pain you have indeed been through but have chosen to forget, and inhumanely mock those who are now going through it.⁣

Yes, it’s human to forget what we’ve been through, once we feel an ounce of relief. But, be also human enough to remember what it felt like when you see someone else going through it. ⁣
Often times you see women who have been pregnant questioning expectant mothers on their level of tiredness or weakness.⁣
Most times mothers-in-law who have been through hard times at early stages of their marriage are those who remain adamant about being unfair to new brides, and those who finally made it to the top wondering why it’s taking you so long to figure life out.⁣
You have felt your relief, but never forget.⁣

Never forget how every broken bone hurt, every scream and break of sweat, never forget lonely nights and frustrating echoes, the times you almost gave up and times you were certain it was over.⁣
Never forget the few good people who chose not to forget their own humble beginnings and painful tracks; in this, they helped you through.⁣
Never forget, so when you see someone in pain, something in you pushes you to reach out to them. Something in you says no, you’ve been through it, no one else should. Something in you says no, it doesn’t have to be the same rough path for everybody. ⁣

No matter how relieved you are now, never forget how it felt, so you don’t mock the next person to go through it. If you won’t find them a solution, the least you can do is not mock their pain. ⁣
For life is a cycle and the one who brought you some relief can cease its existence before the smirk on your face gets waved off.⁣
Never Forget.⁣

All My Love.⁣

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