Now Is Next

Most times we hold conversations either with people around or with ourselves, and these times what we mostly talk about is what’s next, what are we doing with our lives, what’s our purpose and what not. Looking back at half our lives, all we’ve always thought and talked about is what’s next, the next thing to look forward to, to excite ourselves about, to tie our happiness around. ⁣

What we fail to realize is we keep searching for what’s next and then when we achieve that or even before, our mind is already calculating what’s after, and it’s a search that’ll never really end, an unending cycle of misery if you ask me.⁣
You know how you go to small stalls and they have it on the wall “no credit today, come back tomorrow” because the truth is tomorrow never really comes, you are never in tomorrow, it’s a place you never get to.⁣

Now is all you have, the unending cycle for what’s next is exactly what it is; Unending. And you’ll only go through your life asking questions no one has answers to.⁣
Don’t miss out on the next you so much craved all because your mind has moved on to what’s after.⁣
Enjoy the next you worked so hard for, it’s here, it’s this very moment, it’s now.⁣
Now is all there is, now is all you have, and now is what is next… Now is next.⁣
Breathe in….. Breathe out….. Enjoy it 🌹⁣

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