Revolution It Will Be!

EDD036D8-35DF-4F1B-996F-393D666C0094To the ones whose way of thinking has been laid out for them before conception
Their way of life planned out before their very first step
Their likes and dislikes are duly scrutinized by every member of their society
Being asked to path the inferiority complex of a lower citizen or they’ll be seen as insensitive
Wanting to be different is a slap to their mothers…
And daring to be is a revolution unthinkable
Well revolution it is
And revolution it will be.
For we will think outside the box
Live as heroes that we truly are
Like what we want and disregard what we don’t.
Choose who deserves true sensitivity and come head to head with those whose ego needs to be schooled!
We are already different
Born a multitasker
Layers and layers of strength unimaginable
Pages and pages of beauty that has nothing to do with features you can objectify
Creativity without measure
Laughing gracefully with lights in our eyes depending on the recipient, to burn or to shine, you decide… We are already different, you want a revolution?
Revolution you will have.
For We Are Enough And We Know It NOW
Here’s To Women!

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