Sometimes, You Are The Problem

Have you ever reflected on past relationships and friendships and realized you were probably part of the problem or even majorly so?⁣
Are you one of those people that are certain they can never be at fault?⁣
Are you of the opinion you are if not perfect, prettyyyyy close to being so?⁣

News flash my love, no one is close to being perfect, you are just a few steps away from finding out just how flawed you actually are, how sometimes you are the problem, and how in some people’s stories, you are the toxic one that needs to be cut off. ⁣

Honestly, we all subconsciously choose to be blind to our own flaws, while seeing other’s effortlessly in 3D, truth is in whatever partnership you might find yourself, you CANNOT and WILL NOT always be right, as long as you are human which I’m pretty sure you are. ⁣

Personally, I’ve come to realize patience is one virtue that’s not so easy to exercise and most times we just conclude everyone but us is the problem so we keep cutting them off while believing we are doing ourselves a favour, but, if you are the one that has a problem with everyone, what if you are the problem?? What if you are the toxic one? What if? Just what if?⁣
Think about it and retrace your steps.⁣
You are not perfect, and you are definitely not beyond mistakes.⁣
So before you cut the next person off, make sure you are not the one that should be cut off.⁣

Love & Light 🌹❤️

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