The Soulmates I Lost No Rib For.

4C6AA86F-878A-4A89-97E8-20E61F2A8F7BAnyone who knows me knows how much friendship means to me
It has to be one of two things, either the universe knows this and decided to bless me with the best humans on earth as friends OR I have the best humans on earth as friends so I have no choice but to love the idea of friendship.
…To the family I didn’t have to go out of my way to choose, yet found me and decided to stay
The soul mates I didn’t have to loose a rib for, yet are so close to my heart, it’s unfathomable.
The companions life chose to throw at me for some reason I am not aware of, but will always be grateful for.
The ladies I call friends
Sisters that chose to stay, and partners that just get it!
A few times in life, you get lucky enough to meet those who couldn’t make it to your blood circle cos they had to bless a different one, but are so important the universe goes out of its way to help you reach them.
When this happens, you should also go out of your own way for these people, be the same sunshine to them as they are to you, be there for them, be there with them, trust me, good friends in your corner is one of the best things life can throw at you. And when this happens, life is only an adventure waiting to unfold!
I hope we all get to find those that are important enough for the universe to help us reach.

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