The Two Week Phase

Hey people, hope you had a restful holiday… now that we are back, let’s talk😁
So as always, I was having a conversation with someone and we got talking about the “two week phase” of talking to people, the one where you meet someone, you get all excited, the way you meet them is the cutest so you are certain this is the universe saying it’s your turn, you experience this “flow” and ease with them, you’d be a pessimist to doubt yourself this time, you chat all day, talk for hours, get each other’s sarcasm, detect the jokes, you even start considering telling your friends “there’s someone”, all these in the first 8-10 days… And then all of a sudden, as you already knew, something changes, you are not even sure what, or when or even how, you just notice this shift, this change and there’s nothing you can do about it, the remaining 10-14 days is merely for the struggle of trying so you’d know you did try and then before you know it, it’s over…. you let it go cos it was not really yours to hold on to in the first place and the moment you are getting better with yourself, you meet someone else and it happens all over again, your mind tells your heart not to be excited this time, but eventually it happens again and then two weeks down the line, you tell yourself you knew it already anyway, and the worse part? You don’t get used to it, not if you are a hopeless romantic like me anyway, you keep quoting Maya Angelou who said “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time”.
But the problem with this cycle as she pointed out is at some point you start to doubt yourself, you start to think of the things you might be doing wrong, you start to count the number of people you’ve talked to for only 2 weeks and wonder what if, just what if you are the problem? What could you be doing wrong? What scares them away eventually?
But let me tell you exactly what I told her, you are not the only one going through this, many people are and they think something is wrong with them as well, but no, you are not the problem, there’s nothing you are doing wrong, there’s no pattern here, definitely no mistakes,

it’s just a phase and it’ll pass, your heart will eventually get excited for that one, the one who on the 14th day will still be there making your belly hurt with butterflies, and a month later still giving you reasons to laugh till your mind is rolling it’s eyes, and years down the line, convinced your mind he/she really is here to stay and has definitely put an end to the two weeks cycle or whatever cycle you must be sick and tired of.




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