We Are All Dying

Before the African in you has my head on a plate, listen…. or in this case, read.

You know how those who are terminally ill are given a time frame of how much time they’ve got left? For some it’s weeks, others months and if lucky enough, years.

Well… we are all dying and the only difference is we have about 70,60,50 years ahead of us hopefully.

Now for those who have been given this time frame, this is when some start to truly live, after all what else do they have to lose right?

So how about we all just do the same, start to actually live, start to choose ourselves, stop waiting for human validation from people who wouldn’t blink twice if anything went wrong with us, start being human enough to flinch when our fellow human is hurting, start prioritizing our health and happiness,  start letting others live, start letting go of the pain, hurt and bitterness, start checking off those bucket lists, start taking note of the things that matter and truly count, start living a life worth remembering… because whether or not you agree with me, we are actually really all dying and it’s just a matter of time before we do.

I hope and pray we all live very long lives, in good health, happiness, and fulfillment.

Here’s to living🌹

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