Hey people, my name is Faruq Suaad, so many people hear my name and go “oh wow, really, where are you from”, and those that know it’s a foreign name and not about where I’m from, they say they always thought it was a guys name, so just to be clear, I’m female. And to answer the former question, I’m from Kwara state. I’d really like to keep this short so I don’t bore you.

I love junks, love love love pink and anything Bollywood. The three most important things to me are; Religion, Family and Friendship.

I like writing, I like listening; in this case, reading what you guys have to say. So, here we are!

Welcome to my chatroom, here we’ll be talking about anything and everything we can all relate to, from the littlest, to the deepest! Be it life in general, boredom and not knowing what to do, dreams and not knowing how to go about it, love, relationships, heartbreaks,  work problems, school, marriage, life challenges and solutions? Let’s talk it out!!! So….Shall we?