Another 365 Days…Well More Like 356

Hey beautiful people, I’m sure you are wondering what I meant by 356, well it’s already nine days gone into January and we have just about 356 days left in the year! I’d say Happy New Year, but I’m guessing I’m a little bit late already, but then again, who made the rules??? So… Happy New Year!!!!
So it’s 2018 and I’d like to think we all have so many resolutions, goals and plans set out for the year, some we made as the previous year was running out and others we are still wrapping our heads around, my question is, what have you done about it? What are you going to do about it? Yes YOU! I know it’s so easy to say things like; I’ll start soon, I have enough time, I’m just not ready, I don’t have the resources. Trust me, I’m the queen of procrastination, so many times, I plan to do somethings and I end up saying “please life will figure itself out” really??? who says that? I mean I decided to start my blog a few months ago, and I found a way to push and postpone till the first of January which seemed perfect because it’s a new year and it’s the perfect time to start anything, but guess what? It’s the 9th day into January and I’m just officially starting. Well… at least we are here *covers face*
So, the point of my short “speech” is, later will never really come, and I once read somewhere that, days, weeks or months from now, you’ll be wishing you started now! So, what is it you’ve always wanted to do? Write a book, a research work, group project, term paper, business proposal, start praying, go somewhere, call someone, a new way of life??? Do it now! Remember guys, later will never really come.
So blogging is what I’ve been planning and I’ve finally come around to. What’s yours and how can we talk it out and get you started? *wink*

P.S, if you are wondering how to address me,  you can always refer to me as “S”


15 thoughts on “Another 365 Days…Well More Like 356

  1. Loool really needed to read this😭. Starting is not actually as easy as people make it seem . The self doubt , procastination , fear of failure and all. But hopefully one day we all lose those fears and go after our dreams 💃🏾

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    1. Starting is not easy, and it doesn’t get easier with time, so why not just start now. Fear of failure? Everyone has their story, how about you make yours, at least it’ll be a progress, and you can always learn from them. Just start! 🌟 🌟


  2. I think the worst thing about starting something is the fear or failure. We all really just need that push that will enable us go after what we really want. Thank you S. This is a beautiful piece👍🏾

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    1. Everyone fails at some point, and if you are lucky enough, maybe you wouldn’t, but remember failing does not make you a failure, it clearly means you put in an effort. Just always take the chance, someday you’ll be glad you did. 🌸🌸🌸


  3. Thank you S, for this write up. Procrastination has been the greatest killer of dreams, like it has been said above, fear of failure is usually the driving force. We all need that ‘Push’ then off we go. with this write up, you have inspired someone (me). ThAnks once again.

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  4. Nice One S……Sometimes, just sometimes everything seems to be in place like the motivation to work, amazing ideas, encouragements you know but then Resources to make ones dream come alive is not available suddenly, you find yourself at square 1…….

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  5. Thank you for this S!👌🏽
    I’ve made a couple of plans and goals that I’d like to achieve this year but it’s only the 17th day and I’ve not even started some. I hope every time I’m about to procrastinate starting some of these activities that’ll eventually lead to the actualization of my goals, I’ll think of this lovely piece and it’ll be my driving force 😊🙏🏾

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