Speak Up…Voice Out

Hey people, today I’d like to talk about speaking up on some major things we keep quiet about, which go a long way in affecting our mental stability.

We all go through certain things in life we’d rather not talk about for some reason or the other, either we are not proud of what we are doing or what is being done to us, sometimes we just can’t imagine how disappointed people we care about will be at us or we just want to put up a strong front for those that are looking up to us. 

What we need to know is everyone is going through something, whatever it is, you are not in it alone, we all leave our homes, sometimes deciding to drop our baggage behind the door and wear the biggest of smiles. Whatever it is you are going through, it’s happened to someone before you, you are not the first, speaking up goes a long way in helping to resolve issues, you never can tell who can have a solution for you, the least you can get is good counsel or just the peace that comes with ranting, sometimes all you need to do is talk, indulge in a few moments of expressing yourself, cry if you have to and get the help you need. There’s no award for the strongest person, your emotional stability is much more important than what people might or will say about you, remember those that judge you don’t matter and those that matter will never judge you, they see you beyond the strong front you put up and can tell not everything is right, don’t push them away, talk to them, find the help you need, and you’ll overcome whatever it is. 

You need to speak up for your sake and for those who need and love you

You need to stop being silent because the world will point fingers without having an idea what being in your shoes is like

You need to seek the help you need because if you stay mute just to prove your strength, those you remain strong for will only remember you once in a while and learn to laugh again.

Please always choose yourself, it’s okay to have a moment of weakness if it helps your mental stability and remember anyone who puts you in such state that you have to suffer in silence is not worth having in your life.

Please Kindly get the help you need.

I hope and pray we all find the strength we need to get the help we deserve.



6 thoughts on “Speak Up…Voice Out

  1. Thanks always for the soul lifting piece you drop here for us all…. But I’d like to ask a question, if speaking up is attaching to one getting hurt or(let me just break it down) one being threatened to be killed, can one still put up the courage and speak up, even if it’s gonna cost one’s life?

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    1. Thank you for reading…. I think in this kind of situation, not speaking up might or in many case will definitely cost one’s life, so why not just seek the appropriate help that can guarantee your safety, at least you’ll know you fought for yourself. Always fight for yourself so you will always know you did your all.
      May we all find the safe haven we need❤️


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