Why Stop Now?

Hey You, it’s a beautiful Monday morning and you are either on your way to work, school, going to drop off your kids or a sibling, who knows, you might even just be home, but whatever it is, we all know that new week feeling, that particular vibe. Sometimes we ask ourselves if we are doing it all right, or if we are even doing anything at all, no one knows the answer, well…maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but one thing is certain, the moment you don’t stop, the moment you choose to keep going, you will realize you are a step closer to whatever it is you’ve always wanted, whatever it is you’ve always prayed for, whatever it is you’ve always silently asked the universe for. 

Though, sometimes it feels like nothing is working out right, like the world is against you, like you are unlucky or you are just hopeless, but no, things are working out and you just don’t pay enough attention to see them, they are just so minute they go unnoticed, the world is not against you, you are not unlucky and it most definitely would work out. Think of the times you were so desperate for the things you have now, things you probably didn’t even remember to be thankful for, take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come and you’ll realize how much further you can go and how much better you can do, if you can get to where you are right now, who can stop you from the rest of your amazing dreams? 

You just don’t stop, keep working, keep dreaming, keep claiming it, who knows, the universe might just come to terms with it. Believe it and the world will come around. Remember, if anyone can, why not you?

You’ve come too far to stop, and if you haven’t started, it’s okay, now is always a good time to snap out of whatever it is and get started. 

I once read somewhere that you should do whatever you have to do tomorrow today, and whatever you have to do today, do it NOW!

So, don’t forget, It’s too early to give up, and wayyyy too late to quit…. well, something like that… lool

Don’t let the new week get to you, there’s another in 7 days, it should inspire you not depress you, motivate you and not weaken you, just keep moving, crawl, walk, jump, run or fly if you can, you just don’t stop moving.

Who knows, you might just be a second away from your fireworks, why stop now!

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