Back Up!

My peopleeee! Sorry I’ve been on a longgg break… anyway now that I’m back, there’s something I’d really like to get off my chest..
A friend and I were talking about how close he and his sister are and it’s just the two of them so you can imagine the bond, but now she has a fiancé and things haven’t been as “tight” as they used to be and he was asking if it’s weird to feel that way.
The truth is I get the closeness, I get that special bond you have with those you’ve spent your whole life with (siblings) and having 3 brothers who literally mean everything to me, my sister always attacks me about being too close to them and how it might affect their wives when they come, but I know the moment their queens come in the picture, it’s no question, I’m out! It’s all cute and yummy when your brother calls you first when he gets good news or just can’t wait to see you before anyone else, the question is will you also find it as cute and yummy when your boyfriend calls his sister before you the second he has something to share?
We need to know the easiest way to understand people and to be fair is to put ourselves in their shoes, it’s all cute being the “smallie” of the family who gets 3 effortless “bodyguards” but I always tell myself it’s only for a short while, my actual “bodyguard” is somewhere and I won’t be in competition with another person’s daughter just because I’m “cute”
So! Let’s try to back up and step back when it’s time, a competition is just not an option, and the truth is if you don’t give room, you’ll be in a ridiculous game you don’t even know your mind is playing.
So… to all the cute sisters and G brothers, let’s be sensitive enough to know when to give room and hopefully, we get to find our very own “bodyguards” and “smallies” that we won’t even have that much time to be in an unhealthy competition with people we are supposed to respect and care for.
This being said…
Enjoy the rest of your day guys

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