Now or Whenever

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves or at least hear from others and choose to believe is “Now or never” ⁣
Believing this, we put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves, we start running with no one chasing after us, choosing to forget Life is a race with no one and nothing waiting at the finish line. ⁣

Whatever it is you wish to achieve, pacing yourself on an unrealistic timeline or unnecessary pressure will not bring it any closer, the easiest and most appreciated success are those that come unexpectedly, the ones you do everything and anything to reach, most times come with a part of you wondering if it was even worth it?⁣ Is that it? So this is it? The satisfaction and fulfillment is just never as it should be.⁣

If you don’t get that 40 under 40 Forbes list, you’ll get 100 or 1000 most influential humans, if you don’t get married before 25, you’ll still spend the rest of your long life with a good partner, if you don’t publish your first book by 30, you’ll still be a proud author of a lot more than a book by 60, if you don’t make your first million by 21, you’ll still be a multi millionaire at 35, if you don’t graduate by 21, you’ll still work till your are 60. ⁣

God’s mercy literally has no timeframe! He happens in a second! He doesn’t go with a pace you have blindly chosen, take life easy, no one gets out of it alive, not even life itself.⁣
It shouldn’t be now or never, it’s now or whenever, it happens a little bit later than you had planned takes nothing away from the accomplishment, you should be proud of your success, whenever it does come. ⁣
Those who truly love you will cheer you on at any point of your life. Be it now or whenever.⁣

All my love ⁣
S 🌹

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